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Moving Onward

Forward… Upward.


I wouldn’t say I am officially signing off but life is increasingly getting busier and busier. I love writing about books and coffee and I hope that as I find new coffee nooks, I will still share them here. But a temporary goodbye or write soon is in order.

The fact that I’ve gotten to write about two of my loves and actually have people even glance at my blog is wonderful. Thank you. I greatly appreciate those who wandered through and considered my thoughts worth reading.

For those who are interested in readings more of my thoughts and seeing what else I’ve been up to, I’ve just started up a personal website (it is still under construction) but feel free to check it out.

As Nick Carraway said, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” I am looking towards the future but I know that looking back on this blog will help me achieve my goals.





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Pride & Prejudice in Dunkin Donuts with my Chair

I suggest…

Clue Post 5

I’ve mentioned that Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of my favorites before but I thought devoting a post to it would make others more willing to pick it up. The story is fantastic, the characters are so well developed, you feel for all of them, and you’ll get to a point where you don’t want to put it down. It’d say its a heavier read than Harry Potter or Bossypants but it can be equally as enjoyable.

Dunkin Donuts… another massive chain and not necessarily the first chain you’d think of to get coffee from but I am telling you, it is delicious. Whether hot or cold, latte or coffee you won’t be disappointed in the taste and flavor. It is cheaper than most but their prices do depend on location. The cheapest is the one located right near Georgia State but I really love the one on Ponce (I frequent Ponce a lot if you haven’t noticed). Also they have a pumpkin donut right now that I could eat every single day. IT IS AMAZING! Not more amazing than their caramel latte but maybe equally amazing.

Also I suggest reading, eating, and sipping in your own favorite spot. My favorite spot is my chair I mentioned earlier. A lot of Dunkins have drive thrus and this book is a little bit more heavy, so being extra cozy sounds perfect. If not, Dunkin does have seating made up of small tables and chairs that one could easily study on.

I have made my suggestions and here is my accusation (Review):

Noise level: Dunkin can be either packed or completely vacant depending but your own space is as quiet as you’d like.

Seating: Your own space or Dunkin’s small tables.

Food: Pumpkin. Donut. But also their breakfast food & if there is a Baskin Robins they have a super rich chocolate milkshake.

Location: Ponce de Leon (Next to Wendy’s)

Yelp Rating: No Yelp Rating (The store has only been opened for a few months)


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Hey, Whipple in Starbucks with the Couch

To stick with my clue theme, my post will feature…

Clue 2

My book suggestion, Hey, Whipple Squeeze This, is about advertising and what it take to be creative in a business world. I will say that this book is for those who actually are interested in what goes into creating an ad but it is written in such a wonderful way that it doesn’t feel like you are learning while reading (AKA: a textbook). Luke Sullivan is not just a successful advertiser but a great writer. This is a book you can pick up anytime and not feel like you’ve forgotten the story line.

That’s why I suggest reading it in the Starbucks on Ponce de Leon. I am guessing it is surprising that I am writing about Starbucks since it is such a big chain but I happen to like Starbucks for certain reasons (specifically at this location). Yes, it can be busy but even when this Starbucks is busy it does not feel overwhelming and distracting. It does not get as much traffic as others with drive-thurs and the employees know how to make a drink. Due to the fast nature of a normal Starbucks, their baristas are prone to mess up drinks more often due to speed. This one does not have that problem and you can expect your drink to be one of the best. The Ponce baristas are great because many chose to work at that  location due to the slower pace. I would much rather have my drink take a litter bit longer to taste exactly right. The atmosphere is great and the variety of seating is set up in a great way. They have comfy chairs and couches on one side, then desks and tables on the other. So readers and studiers are separated. This Starbucks also have a great machine called the Clover. It is a reverse french press, so you get very rich flavors that was brewed individually for you in the Clover. (You can get any of their brewed coffees and I would suggest any of the Sumatra blends if you like dark roasts.)

Since I am writing about reading a specific book for this space, I would suggest the couches or chairs to “lounge” in. There will be less clicking of keyboards and you can sit for hours and listen to that espresso machine steam delicious milk.

I have made my suggestions and here is my accusation (review):

Noise level: Not as loud as your normal Starbucks, light chatter is usually occurring but nothing that would be distracting.

Seating: Wonderful set-up. Comfy seating on one side and more studious desks on the other.

Food: Variety of food. My suggestion is the protein box, so delicious!

Location: Ponce de Leon (Midtown Place Shopping Center)

Yelp Rating: 3 Stars

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Mrs. Peacock killed Mr. Body in the Library with the Candlestick

Clue is by far my favorite game. I am not very good at it but I  did get some inspiration for my blog from playing it. Instead of Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Candlestick it will be, The Cuckoo’s Calling in Saxbys with the comfy chairs. (What I am getting at is, I will be suggesting coffee shops and books to read in those coffee shops.) Miss Scarlet, your turn to roll.

Clue V2

Many have heard about J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Cuckoo’s Calling. I am an avid Harry Potter fan and only a tiny fan of The Casual Vacancy. I think having read The Casual Vacancy and being so surprised by the different (even though I had read J.K.’s quote many times that it was nothing like HP) book, made me more open to The Cuckoo’s Calling. Many publishers considered the novel mediocre but I think it was quite whimsical and a light good read. That’s why I suggest reading it in Saxbys Coffee located within the Georgia State University Library.

Libraries are great because they are relatively quiet, everyone is doing a similar activity to you (reading or studying) and you are surrounded by books. I mean, who wouldn’t love that? Then add a pretty fantastic coffee shop, I am surprised I can ever leave.

There’s always ample seating of all sorts of varieties. My favorite reading spot is on the 4th floor, it is pretty quite there, near the big glass windows. They have these comfy blue chairs and you can even prop your feet up (though it might be frowned upon by faculty).

I have made my suggestions and here is my accusation (review):

Noise level: Saxbys is a more conversation space while the rest of library has many quieter spots

Seating: GREAT variety. Big desks, little desks, study chairs, comfy chairs, study rooms, etc.

Food: Saxbys had food for any sort of craving. Panini’s, frozen yogurt, breakfast sandwiches, pastries. 

Location: Downtown (within Georgia State)

Yelp Rating: 3 Stars



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Sometimes the Best Spot is Your Own Spot

When it comes to studying, I can rarely work at home. There’s just too many distractions and I am used to doing so many other tasks while there. If I go to a library or coffee shop, I don’t have anything else to divert my attention. (Unless there is a couple arguing right across from me a little too loudly.)

When it comes to reading… that extra comfort you get from your favorite chair can keep you reading all night.

Sometimes your own spot can be in a location outside your house. I bet every sunday there is somebody that goes to the same Starbucks, around the same time, and sits in the same chair. Setting up a certain place just for reading can be really rewarding. If you only sit in the chair when you read you’ll be less distracted and more likely to not have to read the same sentence three times.

Here’s my current reading spot. I’d love a recliner but I just don’t have the space for one currently. It still is super cozy though!

My Reading Corner

Do you guys have a favorite spot to read or work? Leave a comment (and if you really want to, leave a picture!)


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Time to Snuggle up with my True Love, Books.


Some of you may have heard of this fantastic coffee shop and I am going to tell you what makes it fantastic.
I’ve always been a huge fan of Caribou Coffee. From the young age of 12, I was at Caribou once or twice a day. My dad is a coffee devotee like myself. What makes this coffee shop special is the quality of the coffee, the employees, and the atmosphere that is most important to any reader.

The “theme” to the decoration of a Caribou would be considered cabin like. Wood throughout, usually a stone surrounded fireplace. It’s got a good snuggly feeling to it. My drink of choice is the Caramel High Rise. What is really neat about their drinks is not only is there the normal iced or hot versions but they have a cooler option too. Which is like a frappacino of each drink. I think that’s pretty awesome. I would say if you like a mocha, or chai, or even a plain coffee, it’ll be better quality and taste than others. Another cool feature I would suggest trying out is their coffee recommendation test. Based on your answer it tells you which coffee bean is best based on your taste.

Seating is a good variety. They have the comfiest leather chairs, like the kind that you could sit in all day and not want to move. They also have small and tall tables to put your heavy laptop on.


Noise level: Very quiet, just small conversations, light background noise level.

Seating: Good variety for studying and reading. Try out the comfy chairs if you get a chance.

Food: Pastries, deserts, sandwiches. All small portion, and delicious breakfast food.

Location: Midtown (near Piedmont Park)

Yelp Rating: 4 Stars



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The Dying of Reading

Book Chair

I hate that title but I am afraid that it is accurate. This post may be a little pessimistic but I am hoping someone can prove me wrong.

Maybe it is my age group but I do not see many teens or young adults reading as a past time. Before there was social media, like Facebook, or the unlimited YouTube, more interaction with books occurred. Book clubs were more common, you’d see someone in the local coffee shop reading rather than glued to their laptop.

I guess what I mean to say is books, read as a form of entertainment rather than for knowledge, seems to be declining. This is purely my opinion and hopefully there are many researchers proving me wrong right this minute.

I thought with the invention of the eReader or reading apps on a tablet would help but the most I see people doing is updating their status, reading a short article, or flipping through a magazine.

Do you think there’s no hope for future readers? (Also I am dis-including series, like Harry Potter, because that is choosing to read a book that is massively liked and not necessarily picked up between an endless amount of other books)

Also is anyone in a book club? ESPECIALLY a book club that meets in a delicious smelling coffee shop?


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