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Hey, Whipple in Starbucks with the Couch

To stick with my clue theme, my post will feature…

Clue 2

My book suggestion, Hey, Whipple Squeeze This, is about advertising and what it take to be creative in a business world. I will say that this book is for those who actually are interested in what goes into creating an ad but it is written in such a wonderful way that it doesn’t feel like you are learning while reading (AKA: a textbook). Luke Sullivan is not just a successful advertiser but a great writer. This is a book you can pick up anytime and not feel like you’ve forgotten the story line.

That’s why I suggest reading it in the Starbucks on Ponce de Leon. I am guessing it is surprising that I am writing about Starbucks since it is such a big chain but I happen to like Starbucks for certain reasons (specifically at this location). Yes, it can be busy but even when this Starbucks is busy it does not feel overwhelming and distracting. It does not get as much traffic as others with drive-thurs and the employees know how to make a drink. Due to the fast nature of a normal Starbucks, their baristas are prone to mess up drinks more often due to speed. This one does not have that problem and you can expect your drink to be one of the best. The Ponce baristas are great because many chose to work at that  location due to the slower pace. I would much rather have my drink take a litter bit longer to taste exactly right. The atmosphere is great and the variety of seating is set up in a great way. They have comfy chairs and couches on one side, then desks and tables on the other. So readers and studiers are separated. This Starbucks also have a great machine called the Clover. It is a reverse french press, so you get very rich flavors that was brewed individually for you in the Clover. (You can get any of their brewed coffees and I would suggest any of the Sumatra blends if you like dark roasts.)

Since I am writing about reading a specific book for this space, I would suggest the couches or chairs to “lounge” in. There will be less clicking of keyboards and you can sit for hours and listen to that espresso machine steam delicious milk.

I have made my suggestions and here is my accusation (review):

Noise level: Not as loud as your normal Starbucks, light chatter is usually occurring but nothing that would be distracting.

Seating: Wonderful set-up. Comfy seating on one side and more studious desks on the other.

Food: Variety of food. My suggestion is the protein box, so delicious!

Location: Ponce de Leon (Midtown Place Shopping Center)

Yelp Rating: 3 Stars


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