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Moving Onward

Forward… Upward.


I wouldn’t say I am officially signing off but life is increasingly getting busier and busier. I love writing about books and coffee and I hope that as I find new coffee nooks, I will still share them here. But a temporary goodbye or write soon is in order.

The fact that I’ve gotten to write about two of my loves and actually have people even glance at my blog is wonderful. Thank you. I greatly appreciate those who wandered through and considered my thoughts worth reading.

For those who are interested in readings more of my thoughts and seeing what else I’ve been up to, I’ve just started up a personal website (it is still under construction) but feel free to check it out.

As Nick Carraway said, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” I am looking towards the future but I know that looking back on this blog will help me achieve my goals.





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