Pride & Prejudice in Dunkin Donuts with my Chair

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I’ve mentioned that Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of my favorites before but I thought devoting a post to it would make others more willing to pick it up. The story is fantastic, the characters are so well developed, you feel for all of them, and you’ll get to a point where you don’t want to put it down. It’d say its a heavier read than Harry Potter or Bossypants but it can be equally as enjoyable.

Dunkin Donuts… another massive chain and not necessarily the first chain you’d think of to get coffee from but I am telling you, it is delicious. Whether hot or cold, latte or coffee you won’t be disappointed in the taste and flavor. It is cheaper than most but their prices do depend on location. The cheapest is the one located right near Georgia State but I really love the one on Ponce (I frequent Ponce a lot if you haven’t noticed). Also they have a pumpkin donut right now that I could eat every single day. IT IS AMAZING! Not more amazing than their caramel latte but maybe equally amazing.

Also I suggest reading, eating, and sipping in your own favorite spot. My favorite spot is my chair I mentioned earlier. A lot of Dunkins have drive thrus and this book is a little bit more heavy, so being extra cozy sounds perfect. If not, Dunkin does have seating made up of small tables and chairs that one could easily study on.

I have made my suggestions and here is my accusation (Review):

Noise level: Dunkin can be either packed or completely vacant depending but your own space is as quiet as you’d like.

Seating: Your own space or Dunkin’s small tables.

Food: Pumpkin. Donut. But also their breakfast food & if there is a Baskin Robins they have a super rich chocolate milkshake.

Location: Ponce de Leon (Next to Wendy’s)

Yelp Rating: No Yelp Rating (The store has only been opened for a few months)



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6 responses to “Pride & Prejudice in Dunkin Donuts with my Chair

  1. Unfortunately, there arent a lot of Dunkin Donus in my country. There’s more J.Co and Big Apple. Neither of them have Pumpkin donuts.

  2. Rachel, you know I follow your blog so I can’t help but read your posts–by the end of the semester I just might turn into a coffee or latte-head because I see it on my reader all the time šŸ™‚
    What’s so hilarious is I just went to Dunkin Donuts this morning before I had class in Aderhold and my friend and I tried the pumpkin and vanilla bean donut. I thought about featuring it on my blog–but later changed my mind. It is sooo delicious; so you have made a great suggestion. On top of that Starbucks is always super busy and DD you can most times run in and run out. With such a cold day like today, a pumpkin donut and a warm latte-coffee; I can see how relaxing reading can be. I cannot wait until I have idle time to read a novel of my choice–but as of right now; school isn’t giving me much of a break. Happy reading !! šŸ™‚
    ..and congratulations by the way–well-deserved !

    • Thanks Deyanna! It be awesome if I turned you into a latte-head! haha. šŸ™‚
      That’s hilarious that you just went that morning and has the pumpkin donut. I’m going to be pretty upset when they stop serving it. I haven’t tried the vanilla bean donut at DD but it sounds so good!
      You’re right about it being easier to run in and out of DD, the one on Ponce is crazy quick.

  3. Love me some Dunkin’ Donuts!!! And can’t agree more about the pumpkin donut. Considering Jane Austen is my favorite author and Dunkin’ is one of my favorite coffee shops I’m loving this post!

  4. I have never read that book but it sounds like a good book. I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shops. Great post!

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