Harry Potter in West Egg with the Couch

I suggest…

Clue 4

Harry Potter is my favorite series. There are about a million reviews talking about the good and bad of the series but I’ll tell my own personal story about Harry Potter and why it is is great in my eyes. It made me an avid reader and a wannabe writer. If my dad had not bought me the first book even though I said it sounded stupid, I would not be writing a blog about books today. Some people say Harry Potter is only for teens but I think anyone any age could pick up this book and enjoy.

West Egg Cafe is so delightful in so many ways that even coffee haters would enjoy the Cafe. It has scrumptious breakfast food and even more delectable coffee. As usual I get a caramel latte (I know I should venture out) but they seem to have knowledgable baristas and a good espresso machine. The place has a really nice vibe, a little upper class but most nicer breakfast places give off that vibe. Check it out for a late brunch, it is usually busy but worth the wait. Especially since you can order your coffee before you get seated.

The couch in the front is perfect to sip your latte and enjoy Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Last time I was there, a copy was sitting amongst other books on the window sill if you have a chance to pick it up.

I have made my Suggestions and here is my Accusation (Review):

Noise level: Can get a little noisy since this is a restaurant more than a coffee shop. Going at odd hours is better for a more relaxed environment.

Seating: Ample seating inside and out to eat as well as bar seating and a whole front section for non-diners and coffee sippers.

Food: Breakfast breakfast breakfast! I suggest the Georgia Benedict.

Location: In between Tech and Knight Park

Yelp Rating: 3 1/2 Stars



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7 responses to “Harry Potter in West Egg with the Couch

  1. Thanks for the suggestion on a new coffee place! I’m currently hunting for a new location since I want to venture outside of the GSU campus to find a nice place to relax and try something mouth-watering for breakfast.

    P.S., there is nothing wrong with sticking to a caramel latte. Then again since I’m a caramel addict, perhaps my word on the matter should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Thanks for this post. I love coffee and adding Harry Potter only makes my day better! Coffee shops are the best as well so I’ll have to try the West Egg Cafe. Your ratings are extremely helpful as well. Before I go anywhere I like to make sure it’s going to be at a nice sound level and has a nice amount of space. Thanks for writing!

  3. I’ve been a big fan of West Egg for awhile now! Really awesome waffles. My coworker’s brother is the head barista there and I know for a fact he can whip up a damn good beverage! 🙂 I need to make my way back over there soon.

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  5. West Egg is probably the most rad brunch place in all of Atlanta. I’ve never really tried exploring the “coffee house” aspect of the place, but the food is great and fresh. Props to shedding light on such a deserving restaurant.

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