Bossypants in One Caffe with the Desks

My Suggestion:

Clue 3

Bossypants is such a delight to read but even more so to listen to. Tina Fey reads her book and adds so much to what is already a fantastic read. Its light, funny, and barely has a cohesive structure. It is made up of stories about Tina’s life that go in sequential order but don’t have any relation to each other. Even if you can’t listen to an audiobook while you sip your coffee, it’s an enjoyable books for in between classes.

One Caffe Coffee is located in one of my favorite buildings in Atlanta, the Flatiron. Normally I am a coffee girl, but when I’m not, gimme a delicious warm tea. Earl Grey, Chai Latte… I am down even for an Orange Vanilla Oolong. One Caffe makes the most delectable Chai Tea Latte around. They are fast, yummy, and less expensive than the Starbucks right across the street. You know how I mentioned some Starbucks substitute speed for quality? Yeah… just go to One Caffe.

Since One Caffe is in the skinny part of the Flatiron building there is only 3 seats in the establishment (though they have a cute order window on the outside). I suggest walking across the  street to sit in Aderhold. It is another Georgia State building but they have a massive amount of seating to enjoy your audiobook and tea. It can be noisy for the 15 minutes in between classes but besides that it is a good space to sit and work.

I have made my Suggestions and here is my Accusation (Review):

Noise level: One Caffe noise consists of the espresso machine and people ordering. Aderhold goes from loud to very quiet depending on the time.

Seating: No seating in One Caffe but a plethora of seating in Aderhold.

Food: The normal baked goods, check out the poppyseed muffins.

Location: Downtown (near Woodruff Park)

Yelp Rating: 4 Stars



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8 responses to “Bossypants in One Caffe with the Desks

  1. jrose18

    So funny, I just walked by here this morning and I was wondering if it was any good. I keep looking for local alternatives to corporate coffee, so I am going to pop by today and nab a chai! Thanks so much for your suggestion!

  2. Rachel, I know you are a coffee girl so I am so glad that you just mentioned a tea that I might enjoy. Because the weather is getting significantly cooler day by day I am no longer wanting an ice cold drink but something I can drink after getting into Adherhold and NOT waiting at the chaotic Starbucks! I always pass One Caffe on an almost daily basis and was curious to know the drinks they offered and if they sold baked goods. Additionally, I love how you can place your order from an outside window; it gives downtown Atlanta a New York far as the city and quick service for people on the go.
    Thanks for giving me some information about One Caffe! Sounds great– Tea and a poppyseed muffin 🙂

    • The Chai Tea Latte might be right up your alley! It has caffeine but doesn’t taste like coffee. It’s a good alternative for me but some people will only drink chai’s because they are good hot or cold.
      Isn’t that window idea cool?! You’re right about it feeling like NYC.

  3. dianarad

    I have been to One Caffe once, and I think the “walk-up” window is a neat little idea. I ordered a delicious coffee, but I think I will try the tea next time I’m there, especially since a coffee person suggests to try the teas there.

  4. Yay, yay, and yay. I love to find new coffee spots in the A… I am a complete coffee fiend. I’ve also been looking for some good books to read (for pleasure… but not until after graduation when I have more time… LOL) so I greatly appreciate your blog. It is also well constructed and has a nice flow to it… I almost wish I was grading you, because I would give you an A+! 🙂

    • Haha thank you! I feel you on not having time to read, I should not spend as much time as I do with graduation so close. 🙂 let me know if you have any suggestions of coffees shops for me to write about.

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